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To help you build confidence and develop fluency, we offer Nepali and English language classes in addition to test and interview preparation courses. Consult with one of our teachers to determine your current level and develop an educational plan that works for you. Group classes and individual instruction are available.
Language classes
Beginning English
Learn English fundamentals and basic speaking skills in our introductory classes.
Advanced English
Conversational speaking practice for professional and personal settings. Lessons are dynamic and practical to help students gain confidence and build fluency.
Nepali Language
Nepali teachers instruct language courses for visiting tourists and scholars. Learn the subtle nuances of Nepali language, receive tips on Nepali culture and add conversational phrases to your travels.
Interview Practice
Preparing for an upcoming interview? Learn techniques to manage anxiety, build confidence and succeed in job interviews, Embassy appointments and army selection.
Test Preparation
Looking for IELTS, GRE, GMAT or TOEFL classes? We have several Test Preparation courses.

Learn English in Nepali Language- What are your plans for this weekend?

holiday plans

English : What are your plans for this weekend?

अंग्रेजी  :  वाट आर योर प्लान फर दिस विकेन्ड ?

नेपाली : यो छुट्टीमा तपाइको के योजना छ   ?   (ठुलो लाइ )

Nepali : Yo Chhutti maa tapaaiko k yojanaa chha  ? ( For Elders)

नेपाली : यो छुट्टीमा तिम्रो  के योजना छ   ?   (सानु या साथि  लाइ )

Nepali : Yo Chhutti maa timro k yojanaa chha   ?( For Juniors/ Friends)

Learn English in Nepali- It’s None of Your Business


English : It’s None of Your Business

अंग्रेजी  : इट्स नन अफ योर बिजनेस

नेपाली : तिम्रो वास्ता को कुरा हैन   (सानु या साथि लाइ )

Nepali : Timro Waastaa Ko Kura Haina (for Juniors/ Friends)

नेपाली : तपाइको वास्ता को कुरा हैन   (ठुलो लाइ  )

Nepali : Tapaaiko Waastaa Ko Kura Haina (for / Elders)

Learning English Language in Nepali | Prepostion Grammar


  • and    – र [ra]
  • above   – माथि [māthi]
  • under  –  तल [tala]
  • before  –   पहिला [pahilā]
  • after   –  पछि [pachi]
  • in front of   –  त्यसको अगाडि [tyasakō agāḍi]
  • behind  –   पछाडि [pachāḍi]
  • far from   –  टाढा [ṭāḍhā]
  • near   –  नजिक [najika]
  • in   –  मा [mā]
  • inside  –   भित्र [bhitra]
  • outside   –  बाहिरपट्टी [bāhirapaṭṭī]
  • with  –   सँग [sam̐ga]
  • without   –  बिना [binā]
  • about   –  करिब [kariba]
  • between  –   बिचमा [bicamā]
  • but   –  तर [tara]
  • for   –  लागि [lāgi]
  • from   –  बाट [bāṭa]
  • to   –  तिर

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Learn Nepali English Course


English : Really?

अंग्रेजी  : रियल्ली  ?

नेपाली :   होर ?

Nepali : hora ?


English : Alright

अंग्रेजी  : अलराइट

नेपाली :    ठिक्छ

Nepali : Thik Chha

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