Civil Engineering Top Interview Questions


QN. What happens when sugar is added to concrete?

QN. What are the factors to be considered in choosing methods of site exploration?

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Q. List out the potential risk factors for workers on the construction site?

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Q. What is GFRG and how is it better than conventional building?

QN. How and where are aqueducts built?


QN. What are the advantages and disadvantages of lead products in construction?


QN. How to construct a project with less budget and without compromising on the quality?

How to construct a project with less budget and without compromising on the quality?

If I spoke with your current or most recent boss, what would he or she say are your strengths and weaknesses?



What else do you think I should know about you?

SUPERVISORY SKILLS – Why do you feel you have management potential?



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Q. What is the meaning of a blue land surveyors flag?


Q. How do you determine Specific gravity of cement? What are the damages of water in the concrete?

Q. How did the Romans get water up hills using aqua ducts?

  • Soil Reinforcement: Soil reinforcement is the act of improving soil strength to enable it support or carry more load.
  • Aggregate: Aggregate is the component of a composite material used to resist compressive stress.
  • Absolute pressure : Absolute pressure is simply the addition of the observed gage pressure plus the value of the local atmospheric pressure.
  • Gravity flow: Gravity flow is fluid flowing due to the forces of gravity alone and not to an applied pressure head. In the Bernoulli equation, the pressure term is omitted, and the height and velocity terms are the only ones included.
  • Projection line : Projection line is the way, in which the earth is shown on a flat piece of paper.
  • Absolute pressure: Absolute pressure is calculated from a vacuum (0 PSI) and atmospheric pressure is14.7PSIa or 14.7 PSI above a vacuum 1PSI on a tire pressure gauge is called 1PSIg = 15.7PSIa 10PSIg=24.7PSIa 100PSIg=114.7PSIa etc.
  • Quality Assurance: A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.
  • Quality Control : A set of activities designed to evaluate a developed work product.
  • Diversion tunnel in a dam: When a dam is to be built, a diversion tunnel is usually bored through solid rock next to the dam site to bypass the dam construction site. The dam is built while the river flows through the diversion tunnel.


Q. What is the tensile strength of wood?


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Q. How do you calculate the power of a centrifugal pump?

QN. In the design of service reservoirs, What are the different approaches taken?

QN. Why are concrete profile barriers designed with curved surface profiles? 

IQ Questions _ Riddle and Mind Games


 A  fisherman has 5 fishes (namely A, B, C,D, E) each having a different weight.
(i) A weighs twice as much as B.
(ii) B weighs four and a half times as much as C.
(iii)C weighs half as much as D.
(iv) D weighs half as much as E.
(v) E weighs less than A but more than C.?

 A man got killed in his office. The suspects are Edison, Maxis, Jason, Janna, and Sofia. A calendar near the man has 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 written in blood. Who is the killer?

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Q. A man is shot and killed while he’s driving down the highway in his car. How did they manage to shoot him if no bullet holes were found on his car or his windows; which were completely closed at the time of the incident?

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IQ Riddles Question –  The day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?

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